Ukrainian-American Laboratory of Computational Chemistry

SSI "Institute for Single Crystals" of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Computational Center for Molecular Structure and Interactions, Jackson MS, USA

Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Methods and Applications of Computational Chemistry

Second Symposium

2-4 July 2007, Kyiv, Ukraine

Under support of Technology Park "Institute for Single Crystals" and of International Research Office of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC-IRO)

The Organizing Committee informs you about the Second Symposium on Methods and Applications of Computational Chemistry, MACC-2. The Symposium was held in Kyiv 2-4 July 2007.

Our thanks to all the participants of the MACC-2 Symposium!

Please find an electronic version of the MACC-2 Book of Abstracts here (PDF file format, approx. 1.5 Mb).

Additional information - at that time some photos only - is available here.

The MACC-2 program covered all aspects of computational chemistry as well as quantum chemistry. Particular focus was put on the following topics:
- molecular modeling of systems of biological interest;
- intermolecular interactions.

First Circular and Call for Abstracts (for two-sided print and for plain print)

Symposium work time: 2nd July 9:00 - 4th July 13:00.

Symposium Program for two-sided print


Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, is located in the centre of the country. The history of the city counts more than one and a half thousand years. Kyiv has a lot to offer to visitors, and the weather in July is usually favorable for sightseeing. Convenient and good-quality accommodation is available in hotels with different price scales. Kyiv also has direct air, train, and bus connections with a number of countries.

Please see a weather forecast in Kyiv in English or in Russian.


The Symposium program included 21 Plenary Lectures, 10 brief Oral Reports and over 60 Poster Presentations. The Symposium program was supervised by the International Organizing Committee:

Jerzy Leszczynski (USA), Chairman Ganna Elska (Ukraine), Honorary Chairman
Volodymyr Seminozhenko (Ukraine), Honorary Chairman
Mikhail Bazilevsky (Russia) Zdzislaw Latajka (Poland)
Leonid Gorb (Ukraine, USA) Manuel Ruiz-Lopez (France)
Jiande Gu (China) Oleg Shishkin (Ukraine)
Dmytro Hovorun (Ukraine) Andrzej Sokalski (Poland)
Ilya Kaplan (Mexico) Miquel Sola (Spain)
Jacek Karwowski (Poland) Jiri Sponer (Czech Republic)

The following lecturers delivered the Plenary Lectures:

Konstantin Lyssenko (Russia)
Peter Politzer (USA)
Xavier Assfeld (France)
Oleg Prezhdo (USA)
Szczepan Roszak (Poland)
Jaroslav Burda (Czech Republic)
Manuel Ruiz-Lopez (France)
Philip Hoggan (France)
Oleg Shishkin (Ukraine)
Ilya Kaplan (Mexico)
Andrzej Sokalski (Poland)
Jacek Karwowski (Poland)
Miquel Sola (Spain)
Zdzislaw Latajka (Poland)
Jiri Sponer (Czech Republic)
Jerzy Leszczynski (USA)
Daniel Tunega (Austria)
Michel Mons (France)
Jan Urban (Slovakia)
Tanja van Mourik (United Kingdom)
Igor Zilberberg (Russia)

List of the lectures is presented here.

English was the only official language of the Symposium.


All participants were required to register for the conference throygh this site and pay the corresponding registration fees.

Abstracts were accepted without reviewing. Duration of an oral report was 15 minute, of a plenary lecture - 30 minutes.

The deadline for registration and abstracts submission was 15 May 2007.

List of the abstracts is presented here.


Registration fee was US $20 for all participants. The registration fee entitled the participants to attend all scientific sections, to obtain a Book of Abstracts, but does not included accommodation and meals.


Participants of the Symposium were accommodated in the following places:

1. Hotel "Tourist" on the bank of Dnipro river (map fragment here). It was the main place of the Symposium, where registration and all sessions took place. The Metro station "Livoberezhna" is right outside the hotel, and within 15 minutes from the city center.

2. Hotel "Sankt-Peterburg" (map fragment here) in the center of Kyiv, nearly at Khreshchatyk street. Travelling to "Tourist" by Metro took 15 minutes.

3. Hotel "Dnipro" at the Europian Square (map fragment here), one of the best four star hotels.

4. A student dormitory (Zabolotnogo st. 144, map fragment and directions here) near Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics. Travelling to the "Tourist" hotel by route minibus, then Metro (takes nearly 40 min, though in the opposite direction to the main passenger flow during peak hours). Price 20 UAH per night.

You could also take a look at the clickable map of the city, in English and (slightly more comfortable) in Russian. Scheme of Kyiv Metro you could find here - in Russian, with needed stations marked by hotel names in English.

One more problem for our guests coming to Kyiv by a train is that the Metro station "Vokzal'na" is closed for entering during 7:00-9:30 and 15:00-19:30 daily. In this case, a route minibus to any Metro station would be OK, for example, 507 to "Lybeds'ka" station.


At the moment, no visa is required for citizens of USA, EU and the NIS countries.


Dr. Oleg Zhikol, Conference Secretary
SSI "Institute for Single Crystals" NAS of Ukraine
Lenin ave., 60
61077, Kharkiv-77, Ukraine

Phone: 38(057)341 02 58